What is “mixed practice”?

“Mixed practice” is a term used to describe a clinic that works with large and small animals. This type of practice Isn’t as popular as it was back in James Harriot days (if you don’t know who that is, we highly recommend “All Creatures Great and Small”), because commercial production farms have become bigger for efficiency, and small animals are treated more as family members. With the advancement of veterinary medicine, large and small animal medicine each became more specialized and most vets now choose to focus on one or the other.

Our Mixed Practice programs are based in clinics that are equipped to handle almost any species that walks through their door. This is often out of necessity (if they’re the only veterinary facility within a hundred miles), but it’s a fantastic opportunity for students to get practical experience with a variety of species (something required by most vet schools). Students often get very hands-on with these animals (and their treatments) as volunteer labor is fully utilised and very much appreciated. Working in disadvantaged communities also provides opportunities to see diseases that we wouldn’t see in the developed world.