Pregnancy testing or pregnancy detection is a very important procedure to do in large animal management. Why?

There are several things about pregnancy testing in cattle that is very handy. Lets say the farmer would like to improve the genes in the herd for certain qualities. Lets say the cows and calves that are raised are small or they can’t withstand the cold well, if they can breed their current cows with a large bull or a breed that is known to do well in the cold.

Another reason is if they want to grow their herd or they do not want to grow their herd they don’t have rebred this cow (as she is pregnant) or if it is unwanted, that can be aborted up to a certain age with veterinary drugs.

If they want the cows to be pregnant and none of them are regardless of being with a bull, medically the bull may have a fertility problem. Or if most of the cows are pregnant but one cow can’t seem to ever get pregnant, we can feel around to feel any abnormalities which may be the reason why she is infertile.

Through rectal palpation we can also detect any problems with the digestive system within these cows.

Like we said, there are many reasons to pregnancy test, even though it can get dirty really fast.