Who Should Apply?

This program is designed to accommodate a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and levels of experience…

Volunteer vet students treating and dipping dogs for veterinary experience in a local South African village

Animal Lovers

Students with little animal or veterinary experience use this program to explore the various fields of veterinary medicine, work with exotic species, start recording experience hours, and help animals in disadvantaged communities.

Volunteer vet students participating in a zebra game capture for veterinary experience in South Africa

Pre-vet / Work Experience Students

Students intending to apply for veterinary school use this program to get work experience with a wide range of species, gain clinical skills, and even get a recommendation letter that outlines their experience. Our volunteers certainly stand out on vet school applications!

vet student program

Vet students/Vet techs

Volunteers currently in vet school or with a vet tech/vet nurse degree use this program to expand their species repertoire, practice clinical skills, and help animals in disadvantaged communities.

Contact us to learn about our new Advanced Vet Program!

vet student program in South Africa


Qualified veterinarians may apply to be short-term or long-term Program Vets. There is no fee for this position and room & board is provided. For more information please contact us.


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