Join us for an unforgettable veterinary experience in Chintsa, South Africa!

Game Capture in South Africa

Volunteer Programs

We have 3 veterinary volunteer programs in the Eastern Cape of South Africa: the Vet Experience program covers a wide range of veterinary skills and species, the Vet Student program was designed for advanced students and recently graduated vets, and the Game Capture program is an intensive, wildlife-only experience.

Vet Experience

Volunteers work equally with small animals in disadvantaged communities, large animals in production and community settings, and African wildlife through game capture, reptile handling, and zoo projects. This program is designed for a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and levels of experience, including pre-vet students, vet students, gap year students, vet techs/nurses, and people with an interest in animal science, conservation, or welfare. This hands-on experience is for people who want to explore different aspects of veterinary medicine, help animals in need, and have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in South Africa! Sessions are open from March-November. Read more…

Volunteer vet students treating cows for international veterinary experience in South Africa

Vet Student

This program was designed for students that have completed at least 1 year of their veterinary course. The program structure is an equal mix of small animal, large animal, and wildlife aspects, as in the Vet Experience program, however, the Vet Student program has more advanced skills and procedures, a smaller group size, and a full-time, highly qualified mixed-practice South African vet. Vet Student volunteers work alongside the vet, seeing a wide range of species, working through clinical cases, and participating in focused discussion groups. This program has a limited number of sessions but vet students are also welcome to join our Vet Experience program! Read more…

vet student program

Game Capture

During an intensive 3-week period, Game Capture volunteers assist an experienced South African wildlife vet and their professional game capture team with a variety of wildlife relocations throughout the Eastern Cape. Volunteers are involved in every aspect of the capture from planning to immobilization and treatment, then transport and release. Students are trained to provide treatments, monitor vitals, and physically transport a wide variety of wild species. Lectures and discussion groups with experts in the field allow for a comprehensive wildlife experience. This program is available to anyone with an interest in exotic medicine, conservation, or just an exhilarating wildlife experience. Due to the nature of game capture, this program has a limited number of sessions. Read more…

Volunteer vet students participating in game capture for international veterinary experience in South Africa