Dennis Taylor

Founder and CEO

Safari4u began as a conservation project in 2005. In 2013, Dennis worked with Ashely Kellar, the current Program Director, to transform that project into the veterinary program that it is today. Dennis has 20 years of experience in conservation management and is an accredited trainer for the Field Guide Association South Africa (FGASA). He has a Bachelor of Science in Botany and in Zoology, as well as a FGASA Level 3 certification with Special Knowledge and Skills in Dangerous Animals.

On the weekends, Dennis spends time with his family and friends. Students are always welcome to join him at the local café for a drink and an interesting conversation.

Dennis enjoys getting to know the students and likes to take a hands-on approach, often giving lectures and participating in activities. “All are welcome on this program, no matter how much experience you have- we’ll teach you everything you need to know and more!”

International veterinary experience, animal handling, non-profit clinic, hands-on volunteer opportunity

Ashely Kellar

Program Director

In 2012, Ashely volunteered on several conservation projects across South Africa, including a 2-month stint on the Safari4u Conservation Program. She enjoyed working hands-on with African wildlife and saw a huge need for veterinary care in the local villages. Together with Dennis Taylor, the Founder and CEO of Safari4u, she designed and implemented the new veterinary program. In her years with Safari4uVet, she’s gained a huge amount of veterinary experience, handled some of the most amazing exotic species in the world, and helped to make a real difference in many disadvantaged communities.

Ashely works overseas most of the time, but she gets to work on-site for a few months each year. When abroad, Ashely coordinates with incoming students and manages the website. When in-country, she develops the program and assists our Program Vet.

“I’ve made a ton friends from all over the world in the past few years. South Africa is a beautiful country with an incredibly friendly culture and an awesome collection of animals. There aren’t many places in the world where you can do what we do!”

International veterinary experience, animal handling, non-profit clinic, hands-on volunteer opportunity

Kim Houghton

Program Coordinator

Kim joined the Safari4uVet team after volunteering on several wildlife projects in South Africa. She was born and raised in the UK where she qualified as a Veterinary Nurse.

She’s also been a certified Horseback Riding Instructor for over 5 years.

Kim’s favorite pastimes are horseback riding, socializing, and going to the beach. She often spends her weekends exploring the area with the students.

“Getting to know the students is my favorite part of the job. I love watching the change from when they arrive to when they leave. As young travelers, they all go through major personal growth traveling alone, usually for the first time. I love the family bond we form, enjoy meeting people from all over the world, doing something different every day and making new friends for life every month!”

International veterinary experience, animal handling, non-profit clinic, hands-on volunteer opportunity

Alex Tweedie

Program Coordinator

Alex moved to South Africa in 2009 to work with wildlife after serving as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy. Before joining the Safari4uVet team, she was certified as a FGASA Level 2 field guide and worked with several volunteer research groups on Big 5 reserves. Alex specialized in the population, identification and management of Spotted Hyena, but she’s also spent time working with rescued chimpanzees.

In her downtime, Alex can be found playing with her Jack Russell, Squigs. She also likes to practice photography and dabble in astronomy.

Alex enjoys participating in game captures and offering her extensive knowledge of African plant and animal species. Although she didn’t have very much experience with farm animals when she started working with us, she’s enjoyed learning and expanding her skill set. Making friends from all over the world is an awesome experience and one of the best parts of working on an international program!

International veterinary experience, animal handling, non-profit clinic, hands-on volunteer opportunity


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