Rescue & Rehabilitation Center

Panay Island, Philippines

Rescue & Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines

This rescue & rehabilitation center specializes in managing chronic injuries and permanent disabilities, as well as regular spay drives and community education.


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USD per week



  • Safe and comfortable accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Wi-fi access
  • Laundry facilities
  • Pre-departure support
  • Clinic support


Not included:

  • Meals (approx. $20 USD per week – staff are also available to prepare meals for $4 USD per meal)
  • Free-time activities
  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa fees (if applicable)

GVE volunteers get discounted rates on flights, travel insurance, and weekend activities through our STA Travel partners!


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Arrival dates every Sunday

Limited to 8 volunteers / week

Minimum duration: 1 week (no max)

 5 working days + 2 free days (optional) per week

Daily routine

  • 8am: morning feeding & cleaning
  • 9am: morning walk & training on the beach
  • 12pm: lunch
  • 1pm: vaccinations/medications/physiotherapy/other treatments
  • 2pm: afternoon surgeries (not daily but often)
  • 3pm: afternoon feeding & cleaning
  • 4pm: afternoon walk & training on the beach
  • 7pm: dinner

*Activities may vary based on the needs of the community, including regular spay drives and emergency calls

Daily Activities

  • Vaccines & medications
  • Chronic pain management
  • Rescue / emergency call outs
  • Spay drives
  • Dog walking & training
  • Cat socializing
  • Feeding & kennel cleaning
  • Adoption events
  • Community education (appropriate animal care & common injuries/illnesses)

*This program does not have a full-time vet on staff, but they work with local vets on a regular basis. Volunteers are encouraged to work with the vet as much as possible, and vet work will take priority over husbandry activities.

  • Animal Experience (hours/week): 40-60
  • Vet Experience (hours/week): 0-20
  • Clinical Experience (hours/week): 10-20
  • Surgical Experience (hours/week): 0


Free Time: volunteers can work 7 days a week or take up to 2 days off to explore Panay Island- local activities include Jawili Beach, Jawili Falls (waterfall), Hurom-Hurom (waterpark), and Malumpati (cold-spring pools in a tropical forest).

Volunteers stay in 1 of 2 volunteer houses, each with 2 bedrooms (2 single beds in each), 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and many rescue animals! Bedding (pillows, sheets, and blankets), electricity, hot water, A/C, wifi, and laundry are included. Food is not included but the staff are happy to help you find local groceries & eateries (cost is roughly $20 USD per week – staff are also available to prepare meals for $4 USD per meal).


Animal lovers, Pre-vet students, Vet students, Vet techs/nurses, Vets


Small Animal


All year


Panay Island, Philippines

“When I first decided to volunteeras a vet in the Philippines it was a bit of a shock to find how  few rescue centres there were! Luckily I found [this program] and got to spend 2 weeks neutering cats and dogs as part of their neutering project. The team… work day and night saving animals! Michael is incredibly dedicated and passionate about animals and is making a huge difference to the welfare of animals in Aklan and beyond! I hope to return one day when the new shelter has been finished. Thank you for a fabulous volunteering project! Keep up the fantastic work!”

– Nia

Volunteer Stories

“I was volunteer for two weeks… and I enjoyed to much the experience. I fell in love with all the animals there. I took care of the kitties and we walked the dogs. I had amazing days there. I absolutely recomend to everyone!


“As an animal lover I’ve always wanted to do some kind of volunteer work in that area. While I was traveling I met a wonderful lady vet who was going to volunteer in Aklan… and asked if I’d like to help out. I jumped at the chance and it was an experience I’ll never forget. We joined them for 2 weeks on their neutering project for both cats and dogs. [This is] a real team of people who strive everyday to protect the animals of Aklan, they go above and beyond. They have an amazing home full of animals and an equally amazing shelter. Michael has so much passion for his cause and it shows in the animals. I was very lucky and very proud to be a small part of such amazing family run charity. Keep up the fantastic work <3”

– Angelina

More Stories...

“Being around handicapped dogs is a unique experience. They just crave for your attention. Bridges is blind, but still young at heart, and plays with both humans and dogs. Tina and Midnight back legs are paralyzed, so they could only go for a walk at the beach on a wheelchair, but they really enjoyed those ocasional walks more than anything. Please visit the center and take them for a walk.”

– Jenie


“Mae and the staff are very friendly and introduce you to every dog. They will join you for the walk. I spent a week there and I didn’t want to leave. Handicapped dogs are so attaching. Please bring a little sunshine to this lovely creatures, and simply take them for a walk on the beach. Have the oportunity to see their happiness during the walk is priceless.”

– Javier C.


“I have to say that I never thought we would find an animal shelter in Philippines. It is a safe, clean and loving place for injured, hurt or abandoned animals. Animal welfare is not a priority in Philippines so an organization like this one is very special and remarkable.


“The entire premises was kept spotless with constant cleaning maintaining a high standard – my private room was air-conditioned with two comfy beds, a bar fridge, cupboard and a sofa chair. There were two sets of windows looking out towards some of the dogs – the communal bathroom/toilet was adequate with the only struggle being that the water pressure was sometimes weak – walking the dogs to the beach and going on a dog rescue mission were the highlights of volunteering for me. Jenie, Given, Fiona and Albert are a beautiful and loving family, as are their staff, cousins, parents and grand parents that I got to meet at various times.