African Wildlife

African Wildlife

Wildlife vets encounter a huge range of species in South Africa. Our students handle a variety of exotic species by participating in game capture, volunteering at the East London Zoo, and handling reptiles at the local sanctuary.

Game Capture

Game capture is the tranquilization of wild animals for treatment or relocation- tasks include monitoring vitals, injecting medication, and physically transporting the animal. Students may also participate in dart gun target practice (firearm operation & safety training is provided).

At least 2 days within a 2-week period

Reptile Sanctuary

Exotic veterinary medicine involves species of all shapes and sizes. At the local reptile sanctuary, students are taught basic reptile handling, identification, and husbandry. A full reptile handling  certification course may be available upon request. 

At least 1 day within a 2-week period

Zoo Enrichment

Participants work with the East London Zoo to provide environmental enrichment for the resident animals. Enrichment allows animals to demonstrate their species-specific behavior, thereby enhancing their mental and physical well-being. Enrichment projects include constructing and introducing objects, sounds, and smells into relevant groups of animals. Safari4u participants provide the main source of enrichment for the animals at the East London Zoo.

At least 1 day within a 2-week period

NOTE: This program shadows the life of a mixed-practice veterinarian in South Africa. Wildlife, small animal, and large animal aspects are all covered within a 2-week period, however, activities are planned according to the needs of the community. Therefore, we cannot guarantee which species or activities will be offered at any given time.


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