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Join us for an unforgettable veterinary experience in Chintsa, South Africa!

Volunteer vet students participating in game capture for international veterinary experience in South Africa

This program has been designed for students interested in veterinary medicine to explore a variety of fields. Safari4u volunteers gain valuable hands-on experience with African wildlife, practice advanced veterinary skills on large animal species, and administer critical veterinary care to animals in disadvantaged communities.

African Wildlife

South Africa has one of the most diverse and exciting populations of wildlife in the world. In Chintsa, we are surrounded by a number of game reserves that frequently capture and release animals. We work with several highly experienced wildlife vets who enjoy teaching students about their profession and the incredible animals they get to work with every day. Students work closely with the wildlife vet and their capture team to locate, immobilize, transport, and release wildlife, also known as “Game Capture”. Students also work with wildlife through our rehabilitation program at the East London Zoo, and the reptile sanctuary.

Volunteer vet students participating in a nyala game capture for veterinary experience in South Africa

Large Animal

Whether you want to be a large animal, small animal, mixed practice, or exotics vet, you’ll need large animal experience to get through vet school! Equine practice and farm animal production are major areas of veterinary medicine and a big part of the veterinary curriculum. Our large animal component was designed from the recommendations and prerequisites of AVMA accredited veterinary institutions to give you the most relevant hands-on experience. Students work with a variety of animals in a large production setting and through our non-profit community project.

Volunteer vet students treating sheep for international veterinary experience in South Africa

Small Animal

Our non-profit clinic provides critical veterinary care to dogs (and some cats) in disadvantaged communities throughout the Eastern Cape. The goal of our spay/neuter campaign is to create a smaller and healthier population of animals in villages with no means or access to veterinary care. Students observe and assist our Program Vet with pre-op, surgery, and recovery. Our Community Project extends across the Eastern Cape to reach the animals that need us most. Students spend 2-3 days (1-2 nights) at one of our community sites, during which the group examines and treats several hundred animals. This may be under the direct supervision or on behalf of our Program Vet- training is provided for all levels of experience and a Program Coordinator is assigned to each group of students for support and advice.

Volunteer vet students treating dogs in the local village for international veterinary experience in South Africa


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