About Us

About Us

Safari4u Global Vet Experience (“GVE”) began as a pre-vet student-oriented volunteer program in 2013. Our main program (Vet Experience) has since expanded to include animal lovers, vet students, vet techs, and even qualified vets. Due to popular demand, we have also added 2 focused programs: Game Capture and Vet Student.

“Global” has several meanings to us:

  • Comprehensive education: we cover the major aspects of veterinary medicine as well as some more specialized areas.
  • Species variety: our volunteers work with dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep, goats, and a wide range of exotic species.
  • Levels of experience: we accept volunteers from all backgrounds, regardless of previous experience level.
  • World travel: experiencing other cultures and societies is important for a well-balanced life and career.
  • One health: we believe that animal health is closely connected to human health and the environment, and our program structure reflects this.

Our mission is to help volunteers gain real-world veterinary experience while providing quality veterinary care to the animals in our community.


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