Students take on a Buffalo Capture

The other day some of our students went out on the quest of a buffalo capture. These amazing creatures can weigh around 900kg which is nearly 2,000lbs! Luckily we had a heavy duty stretcher and many happy volunteers to help!


Still curious about this fantastic animal? Here are some fun facts: 
  • Twins at birth are very rare 
  • White calves are also very rare
  • Buffalo can often swim in deep water to help look for food. 
  • Their skin, “hide, on the neck is as thick as 2inches- this aids in protection in fights
  • Their memory is phenomenal much like elephants, it has been known to attack people that have harmed them even years after such event. 
  • They have been known to seek and kill out lion cubs as a preventative measure on their survival. 

If this is one of your favorite animals or know more cool and interesting facts, please share!


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